"We are very happy with the work you have accomplished for us.

It is obvious from the quality of your work that you and your team at Malayer Engineering Services have profound knowledge and experience in electrical engineering.

Your professional communication manner is outstanding and I personally enjoyed working with you.


I’ll be in touch for future projects here at GEMCO operation."

Matthew Parvaresh

Electrical Reliability Engineer

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“Malayer engineering services' Engineers in-depth knowledge and explanation of potential issues with Protection systems and providing prompt resolution is consistent with their mantle “ we know the answers to your why questions”.

Definitely, I would recommend utilising MEngS to expedite works in the future.”

Kirk Reeve

Senior Electrical Engineer


“In Malayer Engineering Services we have found a company with not only dependable services and engineering design but are also willing to find the right solution to our client needs. They perform in a very timely manner and meet their commitments. Any potential client will be pleased with the level of focus and services that MEngS has to offer.”

Mohsen Nabizadeh

Project Engineer

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"Our partnership with “Malayer engineering Service (MEngS).” on a recent process plant project has allowed us to remain focused on our strengths and development of our products while trusting them to maintain the quality of engineering our client expects and we demand.

They are always willing to assist, often at short notice, and are an extremely reliable and dependable partner. MEngS is prompt to respond to their client’s requests, especially during time-crunching situations.

This team is easy to work with, responsive and collaborative and we have been able to get accurately detailed explanations from them regarding their designs.

It is a privilege to recommend the electrical and control engineering firm of MEngS to any potential new clients that are seeking great results and teamwork."

Chris Ware

General Manager