Ferroresonance Mitigation

  • Have you ever been VT's fuse or VT blown up during switching?

  • Have you noticed the operation of the 59N element on your system without finding any fault in your system?



In MEngS we answer these and similar questions.


An electric circuit consisting of a non – linear inductance connected in series with a capacitance and a high impedance voltage source is an excellent candidate for ferroresonance. Ferroresonance is commonly seen in transformers (especially dry type transformers due to small core size) as they have non – linear magnetic characteristics and sometimes operate in no – load conditions. The capacitance, in this case, can be due to the mutual coupling between the windings, underground cables or capacitor banks. Generally, ferroresonance is observed after any transient disturbance like lightning strikes, switching operations, faults etc. The occurrence of ferroresonance is very dangerous for the system the most common sign of ferroresonance is sustain overvoltage in the system. 


We come to your site, collect the live data, analyze it, and tailor a unique solution to your ferroresonance issue. 

Voltage increment during switching due to ferroresonance